Our mission is to teach disciples to make disciples. We do that by having small groups on Wednesday and Sundays.


To create a safe environment for students to share freely so they may discover, study and embrace the love, truth, grace and forgiveness of Jesus Christ.

Love God
Love People


We believe the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, written by men and divinely inspired by God. It is the utmost authority by which we:

Teach and preach, making the main point of the text the main point of the message.
Teach volunteers and students to study through scripture in its own context and to its original audience.
Use Scripture as a foundation for our everyday lives, knowing it is applicable to all peoples for all times.


Wednesday: 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM – Youth Service plus small groups- Oasis (Bldg- C)

Sunday: 9:15 AM – Small groups – 6:00 PM Club 366 -discipleship class

Middle school and high school students meet together, starting out in a large group for some type of activity and a teaching time. The second half of the meeting, the main groups split up by gender and grade into smaller discussion groups. This allows students to share their thoughts and talk about how to apply the lesson to their everyday life. Each school year we cover multiple series. These range from verse-by-verse biblical studies to topical lessons, often based on issues that are relevant to our current student body. Each small group is overseen by an adult mentor.
The high school and middle school combine a few times a year for social gatherings. These include:

– Youth Christmas Party

– Disciple Now Weekend (3-day/2-night conference filled with Bible study and fun events)

– Up All Night (a night full of no sleep and unexpected surprise activities)

– Graduation Celebration

– Week-long Overnight Camp Snowbird Adventure Camp

Each small group also meets periodically for informal smaller gatherings.

Love in Action Teams
Amazing Love Ministries
Children’s Church Teams
VBS Teams


The Bible is the Word of God, written by men, divinely inspired of God and is sufficient for salvation, for trusting him completely, and for obeying him faithfully. (2 Tim 3:16-17, Deut 4:2; Prov 30:5-6; Psalm 119; 1 Peter 2:1-3)
God eternally exists in three persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Each person is fully God, and there is one God. (Deut 6:4; Matt 28:19; 2 Cor 13:14; Eph 4:4-6; 1 Peter 1:2; Jude 20-21)
Man, created in the image and likeness of God, fell into bondage of sin through the temptation of Satan. Now, because of the inherited sin nature handed down to all of mankind because of Adam’s sin, human beings are spiritually dead and in need of a Savior. (Gen 1:26-27; Gen 5:1-2; Gen 3; Romans 3:9-19; Romans 5:12-19; Eph 2:1-2)
Salvation of sinners is wholly by grace through the atonement of our sins by Jesus Christ, who by the Holy Spirit was born of the virgin Mary and took upon Himself our nature, yet without sin, fully God and fully man. (Eph 2:8-9; Heb 2:17; 4:15; Luke 1:26- 37; Phil 2:5-11; 1 Cor 15; 2 Cor 5:11-21; 1 Peter 2: 22-25)
The blessings of salvation are offered freely to all who by repenting put their faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, who by His own blood obtained eternal redemption for the believer. Salvation is impossible apart from Jesus Christ. All true believers endure to the end by the power of God. (Matt 10:22; John 1:11-14; 3:16,36; 10:27-29 Acts 2:21; 4:12; 16:31; Rom 3:23-25; 10:9-10; Acts 20:21; 2 Cor 7:9-10; Phil 1:6; Heb 3:14; 1 Peter 1:5; 1 John 1:9)
The Lord Jesus Christ, who was resurrected from the tomb and ascended into Heaven, will visibly and powerfully return to earth in power and glory. After this there will be a final judgment for all mankind, the righteous to eternal life and the unrighteous to eternal punishment. (Matt 25:31-46; 28:5-7; John 14:3; 1 Thess 4:16; Acts 1:7-11; Rev 1:7; 20:11-15)